How to Set up LoyLap Platform In Easy Steps

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  1. Merchant signs up to LoyLap & connects a Stripe account
  2. Merchant gets a presence on the gift card platform, and a hyperlink which they can share with their customer base, via your website, their website and/or social media
  3. Customers purchase digital gift card values to help support their merchants during the quiet period, and the merchant give them a % bonus for doing so
    1. i.e. The LoyLap system allows merchants to offer 4 tiers of bonus
    2. e.g. Buy €100 gift card, get 20% bonus = €120 gift card value
  4. Upon purchase, a digital voucher is delivered to the customers by email and the funds are deposited into the merchants bank account within 1-3 days.
  5. This voucher holds the full value which can be redeemed in-store once the business reopens, via the LoyLap business application and/or integrated POS.

How to connect Stripe to your LoyLap Account (1min 05 secs)

Download this brochure about LoyLap:

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